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 • 11/10/2005 08:10 Descriptions of projects
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News of Region
 • 07/20/2006 16:05
On 400 million roubles the budget of the Ulyanovsk area has grown
 • 07/20/2006 16:02
20-07-2006 the report on cooperation between the Government of the Ulyanovsk area and the Japanese Centre in Nizhni Novgorod Is signed
 • 11/10/2005 08:20
In Nizhni Novgorod the presentation of economic and investment potential of the Ulyanovsk area has passed
 • 11/10/2005 08:18
" Night of devourers of advertising " in Ulyanovsk has passed with the full notice
 • 11/10/2005 08:14
In Ulyanovsk has started children's tennis tournament
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Portrait of region
The Ulyanovsk area is located in the centre of the Average Volga region, on both parties(sides) of Volga, in the central part of the European Russia.
The Area has advanced enough mineral'no-raw-material base. Stocks of minerals are submitted by a wide variety of mineral riches. There are building materials, petroleum, raw material for manufacture fil'torval'nyh powders, cement, a glass, mineral fertilizers and paints. The greatest share in structure of a mineral'no-source of raw materials is borrowed(occupied) with cement and glass raw material, natural sorbents, swept, fusible (brick) clay. For limits of area of the enterprise deliver such unique raw material for Russia as quartz sand.
But the mineral'no-raw and fuel and energy base is not the determining factor of formation of structure of regional economy.
Only the enterprises wood and derevoobrabatyvajushchej branches, the enterprises of building materials, and also agriculture work on local raw material. The majority of main branches are completely based on imported materials, raw material and completing products.
The Important role for economy of area is played with a favourable transportno-geographical position. Through area pass the important aviation, railway and automobile communications of all directions of Russia.
The sailing charter was the most traditional. But last years, in communication(connection) by deterioration of an economic situation as a whole on Russia, the sailing charter is a little used. Extent of Volga in territory of area makes more than 200 kms with an output(exit) to five seas.
Through the Ulyanovsk area pass the international air-lines connecting the Volga region with Europe, Central Asia, Near East and China.
There Is a significant recreational potential, suitable for tourism and sanatorium-health-resort treatment. In particular, in territory of area sources of lechebno-dining rooms and mineral waters for which wide consumption the factory of mineral waters "Volzhanka" was constructed are located. However as a whole the recreational potential has an insufficient degree of consumption.
The Ulyanovsk area represents the advanced industrial complex which basis make more than 200 large enterprises with an aggregate number working about(near) 174 thousand person.
The parity(ratio) of industrial outputs to agricultural in money terms makes 3:1. A nucleus of the industry is the mechanical engineering submitted by aircraft construction, instrument making, machine-tool construction, motor industry, textile, easy and food industries are advanced also. The enterprises building, derevoobrabatyvajushchej and the wood industry work.
Last years there are favorable preconditions for improvement of investment process in area. Objective preconditions for activization of investment activity in territory of area, creation of a favorable investment climate are high enough investment potential, the low investment risk, favorable legislative conditions. Attraction of investments in region also is favoured with the following conditions: a favourable geographical arrangement of the region, advanced strukura a modern communication facility, switching sotvuju communication(connection), presence of the qualified labour and experts who prepare the Ulyanovsk state university, the Ulyanovsk state technical university and other maximum(supreme), average educational institutions.
On investment risks the territory borrows(occupies) 35 place in a rating of subjects of the Russian Federation (on researches of Russian consulting agency " express train - region "). On social, ecological and to criminal risks the area has average indices .
In territory of the Ulyanovsk area 2 Zones of economic preference operate, participants of such zones of clearing from are released(exempted) from payment in the regional budget of the tax to profit, the tax to the added cost and the tax to users of highways regarding, received from a gain of volume of production in territorial road fund.
In area operate more than 50 enterprises with foreign investments, the most part from which is in Ulyanovsk. From the general(common) number of the enterprises with foreign investments - 60 % it is created at participation of investors from the countries of distant foreign countries: USA, Germany, the Great Britain and other countries.
Joint-Stock Company " airline " VOLGA - DNEPR " - cargo aviokompanija, carrying out the international and internal airline traffic of passengers and cargoes, carries out the international charter transportations more than in 60 countries of the world.
Open Company of joint venture " Nafta-Ulyanovsk " - the enterprise which is carrying out dorazvedku and development of petroleum deposits of the Ulyanovsk area, including an oil recovery, its(her) processing and realization.
Open Company of the joint venture " VIS-and MOS, LTD " - the unique enterprise for performance of transitions under gazonefteprovody through water obstacles, transitions under iron roads, highway, communications without interruption of movement of transport and with full preservation of ecology.
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