News from 07/31/2006 (The Ulyanovsk area - the Participant of System MMTS - "Artefact")
In Ulyanovsk the first economic forum was held.
The marketing Centre "Artefact" in person Haritonovoj Eugenys Aleksandrovny and Novikovoj Maria Alekseevny on behalf of System of the Inter-regional Marketing Centres visited the first economic forum in Ulyanovsk, devoted to modern lines of development of regional economy which was held in the beginning of this summer(years).
At plenary session the governor and other representatives of the Ulyanovsk area have acted with salutatory word, and also reports on a theme of features and tendencies of development of regional economy were read by representatives of other regions and experts of Moscow in the given area.
Also after plenary session round tables for more detailed discussion of features of those or other directions of economic development of the Ulyanovsk area were organized. Representatives of the Marketing Centre "Artefact" have taken part in a round table with subjects " Regional economy: the output(exit) on the international level ", conducting which was the Assistant to the Governor of the Ulyanovsk area on Egor's . inter-regional and international communications(connections). Within the framework of a round table questions of an output(exit) of the enterprises of the Ulyanovsk area on the international markets, and also attraction of investments in the Ulyanovsk area were discussed. Were allocated a number(line) of the countries of Near and Distant Foreign countries, adjustment of communications(connections) with which is strategically priority direction. Also on Novikovoj M.A.'s round table Were briefly services of System MMTS (presentation marketing, marketing researches, " Business missions ") which can solve a part of specific targets at an output(exit) on other regions and the countries with production of own manufacture, at adjustment of cooperation with new suppliers, and also at attraction of investments in region. On a round table preliminary arrangements on a meeting with the Assistant to the Governor of the Ulyanovsk area on Egorovym I.I.'s inter-regional and international communications(connections) on which the opportunity and variants of cooperation with the Marketing Centre "Artefact" will be discussed in more detail, and also as a whole with System of the Inter-regional Marketing Centres were achieved.