News from 07/20/2006 (The Ulyanovsk area - the Participant of System MMTS - МЦ "Artefact")
On 400 million roubles the budget of the Ulyanovsk area has grown
During the next session of Legislative Assembly a number(line) of changes was brought in the law on the regional budget for 2006.
On results of execution(performance) of the regional budget in the first half-year 2006 the account part of the budget is increased by a total sum 398,8 million roubles. Due to this, and also partial redistribution of means inside items of expenditure of the law on the budget, charges on the following purposes are increased.

The financial help is increased by 253 million roubles to budgets of municipal formations(educations). 104,8 million roubles will go on realization of the regional target program of gasification. 20 million roubles - on subsidizing of expenses to agricultural manufacturers on the diesel fuel used during есенне-field works 2006 7,5 million of roubles goes on construction Pavlovsk and Радищевского waterpipes. Financing a hockey command(team) "Volga" is increased by 5 million roubles. 2,8 million roubles will go on payment of creditor debts for repair in a building of regional scientific library him(it). Ленина, 1,5 million - laboratory inspection and design works in building ДК him(it). Чкалова, 1,5 million - on repair of building РУВД of Zavolzhskogo area of Ulyanovsk.

As the press-service of Legislative Assembly informs, 40 million roubles is transferred from the regional means intended on repair and the maintenance(contents) of a road facilities(economy) to cities of Ulyanovsks and Dimitrovgrad - also to repair of a улично-high system, but taking place on balance of municipalities.

Also laws " About the territorial selective commissions of the Ulyanovsk area ", " About modification in an item 2 " About measures of the state social support of the separate professional categories working and living in a countryside in territory of the Ulyanovsk area " (this нормативно-legal certificate(act) since July, 1, 2006 the size of monthly monetary payment on the reimbursement for payment of municipal services to such professional categories up to 300 roubles), " About the statement of the concept of reforming of passenger general purpose motor transport of the Ulyanovsk area in 2007-2012 (the first reading) raises, " About decrease(reduction) of the rate of the tax to profit of the organizations for separate categories of tax bearers " (the first reading) were accepted.