News from 11/10/2005 (The Ulyanovsk area - the Participant of System MMTS - МЦ "Artefact")
In Nizhni Novgorod the presentation of economic and investment potential of the Ulyanovsk area has passed
The exhibition of the industrial enterprises in Nizhni Novgorod passed within the framework of X International scientific - industrial forum " Russia uniform " in which work have taken part the Governor of the Ulyanovsk area Sergey Morozov, the Chairman of Legislative Assembly Boris Zotov and the Chapter of Ulyanovsk Sergey Ermakov.
12 Ulyanovsk enterprises have taken part in an exhibition, among them Joint-Stock Company " Авиастар - the joint venture ", Open Society " УАЗ ", Joint-Stock Company " airline " Volga - Dnepr ", Open Society " Ковротекс ", Димитровградский вентильный a factory, Joint-Stock Company " firm " Russia ", factory " Kind style ". According to the director of Department of an investment policy(politics) and foreign trade activities of governmental body of area of Igor Egorova, the general area borrowed(occupied) with the enterprises of the Ulyanovsk area, has made 105 sq.m. It Is the biggest exposition of economy of region for last 10 years.

To one of the major items(points) of the program of stay of the Ulyanovsk delegation in Nizhni Novgorod began presentation of investment potential of the Ulyanovsk area in which, except for a management(manual) of region and city of Ulyanovsk, Tatyana El'fimova has taken part the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Приволжском federal district.

As Governor Sergey Morozov, the main problem(task) of authority today - has noted creation in territory of area of maximum favorable investment climate. For this purpose the lowest are already authorized in Russia rates of the repayment of the ground areas by the privatized enterprises located on them, tax privileges for investors are accepted, Regional investment Advice(council) at which sessions the major investment projects are discussed is created and the problems, braking their promotion come to light. The curator is fixed to each large project from among members of the Government. Within the framework of the budget of 2006 the investment fund at a rate of 100 million roubles is created, these means will be directed on rendering of support to priority projects.

One more factor which should involve investors in the Ulyanovsk area is political stability in region. The Chairman of Legislative Assembly Boris Zotov and the Chapter of Ulyanovsk spoke about it Sergey Ermakov.

As informs the press centre of regional administration, Tatyana El'fimova highly has estimated successes of authorities on a conclusion of area from crisis. A natural result of improvement of a situation in area became 4 place among regions PFO on rates of growth of investments. Besides has noted the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation, and to the Government of area it was possible to decide - to extinguish to the Governor one more important problem(task) debts under the salary before workers of budgetary sphere who reached(achieved) two-three months.