News from 11/10/2005 (The Ulyanovsk area - the Participant of System MMTS - МЦ "Artefact")
" The Master of MASS-MEDIA - 2006 "
The marketing Centre "Artefact" has finished realization next медиаисследования in Ulyanovsk (November, 2005).
On the basis of given researches the Master of MASS-MEDIA - 2006 " is issued next Медиасправочник ".
" The Master of MASS-MEDIA " is issued by us 6 years. For this time it(he) has had time will be grown fond to consumers and many Companies of city with impatience waited for his(its) issue.
In the directory the information on audiences of MASS-MEDIA Ulyanovsks given about scopes and ratings of MASS-MEDIA, about structure of audiences, and also the data on a way of life of consumers is submitted.