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New on a site
 • 11/10/2005 08:10 Descriptions of projects
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News of Region
 • 07/20/2006 16:05
On 400 million roubles the budget of the Ulyanovsk area has grown
 • 07/20/2006 16:02
20-07-2006 the report on cooperation between the Government of the Ulyanovsk area and the Japanese Centre in Nizhni Novgorod Is signed
 • 11/10/2005 08:20
In Nizhni Novgorod the presentation of economic and investment potential of the Ulyanovsk area has passed
 • 11/10/2005 08:18
" Night of devourers of advertising " in Ulyanovsk has passed with the full notice
 • 11/10/2005 08:14
In Ulyanovsk has started children's tennis tournament
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The inter-regional marketing centres
You have ideas or the offers representing interest for concrete regions? You live and have the business in one of the Russian regions and would like to expand geography of your business? On this page the list of working inter-regional marketing centres is submitted, each of which can become your reliable business partner.
The inter-regional marketing centres

НазваниеE-MailThe address of a site
2MMC "Almaty" - TOO "AlmatyEhkspertiza",,
3MMC "Astrakhan'"
4MMC "Barnaul" - ZAO MMC "Altajj-Moskva"
5MMC "Bishkek" - Marketingovyjj Informacionnyjj;
6MMC "Brjansk" - OOO "PRO-dvizhenie"
7MMC "Varna" - Biznes agentstvo "Franga"
8MMC "Vengrija" - "Associacija Placdarm""
9MMC "Vladivostok"
10MMC "Vladimir"
11MMC "Volgograd" - AMK "Viewpoint"
12MMC "Vologda" - OOO "AMK "Tramp MaSt"
13MMC "Voronezh" - Marketingovaja kompanija "Reforma" 
14MMC "Germanija - Frankfurt-na-Majjne" DREGER Group
15MMC "Germanija.Drezden" - Kompanija "UNILINK"
16MMC "Dagestan";
17MMC "Ekaterinburg" - OOO "Astreja"
18MMC "Ivanovo"
19MMC "Izhevsk" - ZAO MMC "Udmurtija-Moskva"
20MMC "Jjoshkar-Ola"
21MMC "Kazan'" - Agentstvo razvitija biznesa Ad 
22MMC "Kaliningrad" - OOO "MAPREKS grupp"
23MMC "Kaluga"
24MMC "Kanada"
25MMC "Kemerovo" - OOO «Zapadno - Sibirskijj marketingovyjj centr «Ehdvajjs» 
26MMC "Kirov" - OOO Centr upravlencheskogo konsul'tirovanija "NEO-Sintez"
27MMC "Kitajj" - Kompanija "Optim Consult"
28MMC "Krasnodar" - Informacionno-analiticheskoe agentstvo "MEGAPOLIS-Jug"
29MMC "Krasnojarsk"
30MMC "Kurgan"
31MMC "Kursk" - OOO "APIIT "Girom"
32MMC "Lipeck" - OOO "Dol'men"
33MMC "Moskva" 
34MMC "Naberezhnye Chelny" - Kamskijj centr biznes-tekhnologijj "Razvitie"
35MMC "Nal'chik" - gruppa kompanijj "KBR"
36MMC "Novosibirsk" - Marketingovaja kompanija "Dialog-Media"
37MMC "OMSK" - MA "Delfi"
38MMC "Orel" - Gruppa kompanijj "BIZNES EhFFEKT"
39MMC "Orenburg"
40MMC "Perm'"- Marketingovoe Agentstvo "Tochka Opory",
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News ММЦ
 • 07/31/2006 14:38
In Ulyanovsk the first economic forum was held.
 • 11/10/2005 08:08
Reviews of the markets of Ulyanovsk
 • 11/10/2005 07:59
" The Master of MASS-MEDIA - 2006 "
 • 11/10/2005 07:55
We work with RELISH!
 • 06/08/2005 15:52
We have captured Russia!
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