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 • 11/10/2005 08:10 Descriptions of projects
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News of Region
 • 07/20/2006 16:05
On 400 million roubles the budget of the Ulyanovsk area has grown
 • 07/20/2006 16:02
20-07-2006 the report on cooperation between the Government of the Ulyanovsk area and the Japanese Centre in Nizhni Novgorod Is signed
 • 11/10/2005 08:20
In Nizhni Novgorod the presentation of economic and investment potential of the Ulyanovsk area has passed
 • 11/10/2005 08:18
" Night of devourers of advertising " in Ulyanovsk has passed with the full notice
 • 11/10/2005 08:14
In Ulyanovsk has started children's tennis tournament
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The counter of visitings

The marketing Centre "Artefact" welcomes you!

The marketing Centre "Artefact" since 1998 successfully helps to raise sales to many Companies.

We organize BTL-actions (промо-actions(»Ó«¼«-shares) and мерчендайзинг) and we spend marketing researches of any level of complexity in various cities of Russia, and also we render to our Clients complete support in the field of marketing and advertising.

The basic services of our agency:

  • Marketing researches
  • BTL-projects

To work with us it is easy and convenient - an extensive network of partner agencies in 75 cities and the own personnel in key cities allows us to organize all projects on Russia top-level: qualitatively, operatively and with the minimal expenses for the Client.

The most important, that characterizes our agency are good and obvious results of our work (see. Last projects, Recommendations of Clients).

Artefacts - news


Sausages, pel'menis, mayonnaise … - buyers already for a long time have got used to realization of tasting of these products in shops. But we could surprise all! On court in July various cutlets and ready dinners from Company " MLM " were submitted to the buyer!!!!! Such variety should please buyers. " On hurrah! " There left chicken cutlets, бифштексы, люля-кебаб, cutlets from a beef, macaroni on - флотски, плов! Certainly, you see cutlets were fried at home by skilful mistresses, and ready dinners were warmed up in микроволновках, that, undoubtedly, has strengthened remarkable taste of these products!
Buyers and the Customer are pleased! And this main thing!


On interrogations of representatives Trading Networks of Ulyanovsk agency the Marketing Centre "Artefact" is the first (largest) agency by quantity(amount) of spent промо-actions(промо-shares) in Ulyanovsk. Also networks are most of all satisfied with work of nominal our agency that confirms that fact, that we have concluded partner contracts of cooperation with many network grocery supermarkets of city of Ulyanovsk.

The network extends!

We cover the work more and more and more cities. Now we can lead(carry out) any works on marketing researches and BTL more than in 70 cities of Russia. A network of own representations in cities and our partner agencies help us to carry out(spend) works in other regions at the maximum(supreme) qualitative level.
It is very convenient - we shall lead(carry out) for you the project at once on many regions.


The marketing Centre "Artefact" will carry out(spend) more and more than the All-Russia BTL-programs and research projects. Our last BTL-project of such category - realization промо actions(shares) for the trade Mark " the DON TOBACCO " in 8 cities. The contract on realization in December of the all-Russian New Year's промо-action(промо-share) for Holding " is sweet " also is recently signed. We have won the tender and we are one of 2 agencies of contractors "IS SWEET" on New Year's промо!
And one of last research projects - researches of medical preparations within the framework of which we supervise realization of research at once on 25 cities of Russia!

Our address
ul.Lokomotivnaja, dom 81
Ph.: (8422) 73-12-80, 38-48-87, 78-34-39
Fax: (8422) 375336,

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News ММЦ
 • 07/31/2006 14:38
In Ulyanovsk the first economic forum was held.
 • 11/10/2005 08:08
Reviews of the markets of Ulyanovsk
 • 11/10/2005 07:59
" The Master of MASS-MEDIA - 2006 "
 • 11/10/2005 07:55
We work with RELISH!
 • 06/08/2005 15:52
We have captured Russia!
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